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Adjustable Band

"The Band” is the only adjustable surgical treatment for morbid obesity in the United States. It induces weight loss by reducing the capacity of the stomach, which restricts the amount of food that can be consumed.

Minimally Invasive Approach
During the procedure, surgeons generally use laparoscopic techniques (using small incisions and long-shafted instruments rather than a large incision), to implant an inflatable silicone band into the patient's abdomen. The Realize Band and the Lap-Band are the two most commonly used banding options. Like a wristwatch, the band is fastened around the upper stomach to create a new, tiny stomach pouch that limits and controls the amount of food you eat. It also creates a small outlet that slows the emptying process into the stomach and the intestines. As a result, patients experience an earlier sensation of fullness and are satisfied with smaller amounts of food. In turn, this results in weight loss.

Least Traumatic Procedure
Since there is no cutting, stapling or stomach re-routing involved in the Adjustable Banding System procedure, it is considered the least traumatic of all weight loss surgeries. The laparoscopic approach to the surgery also offers the advantages of reduced post-operative pain, shortened hospital stay and quicker recovery. If for any reason the Banding System needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form. The video to the right shows the Banding Procedure.

Benefits of Banding Surgery
1.Can be placed laparoscopically and is a short operation.
2.The intestines are not re-routed.
3.It is adjustable and reversible.
4.Weight loss is gradual, which can decrease formation of gallstones.
5.Nutritional deficiencies are less likely because malabsorption does not occur.

Risks of Banding Surgery
1.Injury to the stomach at the time of surgery can occur.
2.The band can become infected, which would require re-operation for removal.
3.The band can "slip" which would require further surgery to correct.
4.There is a 3-10% major complication rate, which may require further surgery.Have more questions about Lap Band surgery? See our Lap Band FAQ's or feel free to Contact us.


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