"I’ve stayed in many resorts on vacation, and I can say the only difference between Cypress Pointe and those resorts is the hospital had no pool, no beach, or no ski slope. The staff had the same attention to details as any resort I’ve ever stayed in. I don’t know anyone that looks forward to going into the hospital, but I can report because of the care I’ve received, that if any of my friends hear that I am in the hospital in the future, please send your cards and flowers to Cypress Pointe because that’s where I will be.” -Tom Enmon


"I could not have been treated any better from the happy check-in young lady to the cafeteria ladies. Everyone was so courteous, professional and made me feel good. Your hospital is so nice and clean, but the courtesy of the employees impressed me the most.” -Bonnie H.

"Choosing Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital for my procedure was important to my family and me because they offer the latest medical treatment and technology along with state of the art equipment in surgical procedures. Their commitment to heal people in the community where I live and work has exceeded my expectations and I recommend their services to all of my friends and family.” -Beverly Delatte

"Bill is a very personable yet professional person. He has a way of making the patient feel at ease while doing his job. He went over and beyond to make my family feel at home during and after my surgery. My whole family feels as if we’ve met a new friend. Bill is the kind of person that will make your surgical hospital what it needs to be in South Louisiana where your patients want to witness the southern hospitality.” -Dana O.

"I was a patient at Cypress Pointe in March of 2011. As an employee of the facility you know the staff that you work with on a personal level but not always on a professional level. Being a member of the health care community, when someone you know is having a procedure they typically make request for who they want to scrub and circulate on the procedure as well as the staff that will take care of them during the postoperative period. I did not make any requests because I felt that the staff we have at Cypress Pointe are all excellent and I was not disappointed. The staff from Registration, PreOp, OR and PACU were wonderful and kept my family informed throughout the process. The staff on the Nursing Unit was caring and compassionate and was there immediately if I needed any help. I could not have received better care." -anonymous.

"Although I only spent one night at the facility, my care was outstanding from the moment I walked in the door and checked in with the front desk until the time I was discharged. We do not often get to experience the process that our patients do when they come to our facility. As I like to tell people, "I am in the business of taking care of patients, not being a patient”. My surgery in March was the first night I have spent in a hospital since the mid 80’s and the staff was exceptional. My family was treated as though they were family. All of the staff was friendly and caring. The clinical staff was very attentive to my care, assuring that my pain was well controlled and that I was getting the fluids that were necessary for my discharge the following day. I have had great success from my surgery and want to thank all of the Cypress Pointe staff for the wonderful care and compassion that they provided to me and my family." - Denise Fortenberry

"When I went to Cypress Pointe for an MRI, everyone was so sweet from the moment I walked in the door. It was reassuring to see some familiar faces, such as my old friend Ed France, among the staff. Although I was a little stressed, having found previous MRIs claustrophobic, the atmosphere was so welcoming and comforting that the whole experience was really nice. It was more like being in a hotel than a hospital. It’s a wonderful place!” - Terri C.

"Severely claustrophobic Marian Kinchen was terrified of having an MRI, even knowing that Cypress Pointe’s High Field Open MRI would not enclose her in a dreaded "tube.” Now, she has nothing but praise for the "kindness and patience” of the staff who literally held her hand to ease her past her fear: "That sweet young guy sat there with me and listened to me sing Christmas carols off-key – anything I needed to keep me from freaking out. I have never been treated as nice. Everyone in the whole facility was like that. I recommend Cypress Pointe to everyone I know.” - Marian K.

"Since a car accident in 1984, I have had over 20 surgeries on my spine in a number of hospitals. I have never been treated, in a hospital, like I was treated at Cypress Pointe. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, that I had any contact with were very kind and courteous. This made for a pleasant stay. Thank you for the most peaceful stay in a hospital, Cypress Pointe. If I ever have to stay in a hospital again, my choice will definitely be Cypress Pointe.” -Cynthia A. F.

"To the floor staff: "Thank you for all you did for Roy Keating. Each of you were just wonderful. You treated my husband and myself like Royalty. We were people, not a number. You each take your job seriously. You are concerned about the Patient. Sometimes you were there for us, before we had a chance to call for you. You are all rated number 1 in our book. May God Bless each of you, like you Bless your Patients.” -Mr. and Mrs. Roy K.

"I wanted to take the time to extend my deepest appreciation to the entire staff for taking such excellent care of me during my recent inpatient stay at your facility. I have been a nurse for numerous years and have taken care of countless patients, but this was my first experience as a patient. Not only did your nursing staff take care of my every need in a courteous and professional manner, but they also humbly reminded me of what we as nurses do for patients. At a time when I was at my worst, they shone at their best, and I am deeply grateful. Though all of your nurses were outstanding, there was one in particular, I would like to especially thank for going above and beyond, in my opinion, and showing compassionate concern for me that definitely made an impression. You have every reason to be proud of your entire staff and I ask that you share my appreciation to all of them." - Mark W.

"My overall experience was amazing in every way. All of the staff were exceptionally attentive, timely and caring. They were very friendly and understanding of all of my needs. I will definitely recommend this hospital to all of my friends and family or to anyone that I may converse with in regards to medical and surgical needs. I am so appreciative of the care I received during this rough time." - Jennifer W.

"Even though I had an "in and out” test done, I was helped by so many, kind people who know exactly what to say to make me comfortable. Everyone helped me and explained exactly what was being done. Thanks to all of you." -Bobbie S.

"Helpful, Courtesy, Respect for the patient. I will recommend Cypress Pointe to all of my friends and family. The ladies that prepare the meals were courteous and very good cooks. Everything is so clean and smells good. I had a good experience while I was here. I stayed three days after having a ICD implanted by Dr. Ghiath Mikdadi who is a wonderful doctor." - Thomas A.

"You have a wonderful facility and staff here… don’t change anything!!" - Sylvia R.

"All of the staff we met were polite, helpful, courteous and considerate. The hospital facility was clean and well laid out. I would not recommend a hospital as a place to visit due to the usual nature of going to one, but if the need arises this is the sort of hospital I would want to attend. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that doctors own it, all hospitals should be like this." - Tressie H.

"This is the place that I would recommend to anyone that has to have pleasing service for all of their surgical needs. They meet, greet and converse with respect as if they have known you forever. Stay they way you are, all of your employees are polite." - Paulette W.

"The GREATEST!! I was treated with compassion, and love. Everyone really cares about you and enjoys helping people! Very knowledgeable, if they don’t know they will find out for you. I truly felt the love I would feel from family, but lots better care! They are above the chart. If a person can enjoy a very serious surgery, I have! Thanks to all, including the surgery staff, nurses, aides, housekeeping and any and every person that I came into contact with! Thank you. You have truly treated me as a family member. You truly show that this is not just a job, this is from the heart! Thank you so much, you have made this surgery so much easier on me! God Bless you all!!!" -Margaret A.

"The hospital is kept very clean and smells fresh. All of the staff were very nice to us. Also it is very great that the hospital feeds the family. As soon as we called the nurses station, they come in less than a minute. Since the surgery, every staff had my mothers best interest at heart." -Clairie S.

"Very friendly and courteous, very fast service. All areas are very clean and restroom was exceptional as to cleanliness and supplies. I would come back if necessary to this facility." - P. Garvier

"Everyone is great. If I had to compare this hospital to a hotel, it would be the Ritz Carlton definitly. Rachel and I love the staff; of course we want to go home, but if we had to be in the hospital this is the place to be. Patient service is exceptional, everyone is so pleasant. Everyone we encountered was wonderful. I think everyone deserves a token of appreciation. I can only hope if I’m ever hospitalized again it is here. No other hospital can even come close, we have gotten spoiled. I had a excellent staff and our family members were treated so kind." - Tina C.

"Facility is clean and modern. Everyone we came into contact with was very accommodating. The facility is filled with natural light and does not feel cold and impersonal." - Leon S.

"Excellent care, you don’t have to wait for anything. Every single nurse I had made my visit comfortable, besides having pain from surgery, my visit has been enjoyable and friendly." -Beverly C.

"Your staff is very nice and make people feel at ease. They laugh and joke and ask constantly if they can do any more for you. In my opinion, they jump over each other to see if there is anything else they can do for the patient." -Sam V.

"I brought my father in for a few tests. The staff made me feel exceptionally welcome, even though we weren’t the priority patients of the day. They are very polite and initiated conversation. Service was wonderful, overall." - Brian T.

"My family members and I were treated wonderfully. Everyone was friendly and kind. I felt like a "person” who was acknowledged by everyone and not herded through the process like at other hospitals in the area. Staff kept us informed at all times." - Eugenia R.

"Every appointment that I attended at Cypress Pointe, the staff was bright, cheerful, and exceptionally nice. They made me feel welcome like I was at home." - Tonya W.

"There was not a single employee that passed near us that did not say hello, how are you. The staff here is exceptional, not a rude person. Everyone answers questions, no problem." - Jerilea C.

"I think Cypress Pointe is the best hospital I have been too. They are very nice to you and very much friendly. You are no stranger to the staff , they talk to you like family members. They treated me real good. I love Cypress Pointe!! If I had to go into a hospital for anything, I’d rather come to Cypress Pointe. They are good people, nothing but love there." -Earnestine C.

"I have met several of the staff and doctors and have found them to be very professional in every way. I expect Cypress Pointe will continue to be very successful as long as they keep good doctors and give this personalized service." -Joseph D. Sr.

"Special thanks to Drs. Dileo, Hankins, Treanor and Rab. We received excellent service and the staff was exceptional. If the need would arise for any surgical procedure, we would not hesitate to choose Cypress Pointe in the future. Thanks, we appreciate all of you!" -RK

"We felt at ease and comfortable with everyone. We felt so free to ask for anything we needed, and the people here were so sweet and helpful." - Ray T.

"From the very beginning, my experience at the hospital was professional, courteous, informative, helpful and all put me at ease which was important for me, a senior citizen; which is rare in today’s society of high tech and speed! Unfortunately I don’t remember all of their names but all are appreciated." -Joseph F.

"All of the patient liaisons are great. The nurses and above all Dr. Domangue are awesome. The operating people make sure that I am well taken care of. This hospital is the best in this area. For myself, there is NO competition, this has to be the BEST." -anonymous.



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